Definitions for "Hibernation"
Of an animal, torpidity especially in winter; the body temperature approximates that of the surroundings; the rate of respiration and the heart beat ordinarily are much slower than in an active mammal.
winter sleeping where the animal's temperature, heart rate, and body slow down so much that it might appear to be dead.
hiberna, winter] A physiological state that allows survival during long periods of cold temperatures and reduced food supplies, in which metabolism decreases, the heart and respiratory system slow down, and body temperature is maintained at a lower level than normal.
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In Windows, a power management feature that maintains a computer in its current state, and saves memory on the disk. It prevents data from being lost if a computer's battery fails.
A state of the computer where the current system state is saved to the hard disk, and the computer shuts down. When the user restarts the computer after it has been hibernating, it will return to its previous state. Restarting to the previous state includes automatically restarting any programs that were running when it went into Hibernate mode, and restoring any network connections that were active at the time. However, unlike the Stand by or Suspend mode where the computer stores the current system state to the system Random Access Memory (RAM), the use of the Hibernation mode requires a larger memory space in the hard disk.
A state in which your computer shuts down after saving everything in memory on your hard disk. When you bring your computer out of hibernation, all programs and documents that were open are restored to your desktop. See also: standby
Often used inaccurately with regards to herpetofauna, see Brumation
depends on climate, spider species living in Canada may hibernate twice as juveniles before becoming adults; the same species may only hibernate once in Virginia and never in Florida, thus resulting in a shorter live span.
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The act or state of hibernating.