Definitions for "High Wind Warning"
This product is issued by the National Weather Service when high wind speeds may pose a hazard or is life threatening. The criteria for this warning varies from state to state. In Michigan, the criteria is sustained non-convective (not related to thunderstorms) winds greater than or equal to 40 mph lasting for one hour or longer, or winds greater than or equal to 58 mph for any duration.
A high wind warning is defined as 1-minute average surface winds of 35 kt (40 mph or 64 kph) or greater, or winds gusting to 50 kt (58 mph or 93 kph) or greater that are either expected or observed over land regardless of duration.
A warning for sustained surface winds greater than 40 mph lasting more than an hour or winds over 58 mph over land that are either predicted or occurring for an unspecified period of time.