Definitions for "hologram"
A photographic image giving the observer a seemingly three-dimensional view of the represented object. The three-dimensional effect is produced by exposing a photographic recording medium to an interference pattern generated by a coherent beam of light (as from a laser) reflected from the subject, interacting with a beam directly from the source. The full three-dimensional effect requires illumination of the image with coherent light, but less perfect three-dimensional visual effects may also be observed when the hologram is illuminated with white light.
(a 3rd dimensional image of an illusion, which when seen by some 3rd dimensional beings is not seen as an illusion)
an image which, viewed at an angle, appears to be three-dimensional. Holograms are used on selected modern postage stamps and postal envelopes.
a construction of photons , forcefields , and matter created inside a holodeck , a holosuite , or by another type of holographic projector
a true mark of distinction enhanced with holographic design
a computer-generated and maintained facsimile of a crew member, which has his or her personality, voice, form and memories, all gleaned from the personality disks every member is required to make on signing up
a visual and physical representation of one of the crew, maintained by Holly and with all the normal attributes and personality of that person, apart from the fact that it is insubstantial, and so cannot pick up or touch anything
an interesting phenomenon, in that each part is a consequence of the whole
a recording of the whole (from the Greek root)
a unique construct inasfar it consists of many individual dots, but each of them contains the information about the whole picture
A glossy projection stamp used in the memorabilia industry to help prevent counterfeiting.
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a wonderful example and metaphor
Energetic structure of the Universe; metaphysical reality of the Universe.
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a picture, not of the object itself but of the pulsating energy around it, the field of energy
a piece of film (or other medium) that tricks the eye into seeing an object
a complex product as it combines various disciplines i
a unique design element that always attracts attention