Definitions for "Huntsman"
The person whose office it is to manage the chase or to look after the hounds.
A Staff member who trains the hounds, hunts the hounds, and controls them in the field. Some hunts have a professional Huntsman; others have a Master, or Joint Master who acts as the Huntsman, while others have a dedicated volunteer Huntsman. CVH is fortunate to have an excellent professional Huntsman, Mr. Joseph Hardiman, a native of County Galway, Ireland.
A professional, or a gentleman or gentlewoman member of the Hunt, who hunts the hounds, and is in immediate charge of the kennels, and of the breeding, care and training of the hounds, under the supervision of the Master
The Huntsman is a fictional character from the animated show Freakazoid. He is a superhero who lives in the woods outside of Washington, D.C. He was once Marty Feeb, an ugly, scrawny hunter.
The Huntsman is a fictional character in the Hallmark Entertainment's and NBC's 2000 mini-series The 10th Kingdom by Simon Moore. He is the personal huntsman of the Evil Queen; hints are given in the miniseries that the Huntsman and the Evil Queen are lovers. The Huntsman is portrayed by Rutger Hauer.
The Huntsman, also known as The Huntsmaster, is a fictional character and villain from the Disney animated series American Dragon: Jake Long. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.
Huntsman also known as Weapon XII is supervillain in the Marvel Universe and enemy of the X-Men. Huntsman first appeared in New X-Men #128 (August, 2002) and was created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey.
BlackSpider’s virus detection engine that uses heuristics in its search for new viruses.
a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and commodity chemicals
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One who hunts, or who practices hunting.