Definitions for "IANA"
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Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. The authority that assigns IP addresses and port numbers. Visit IANA for details.
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. IANA distributes IP addresses to the Regional Internet Registries according to their established needs. It also coordinates with the IETF and others to assign protocol parameters, and oversee the operation of the DNS.
(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority): The arm of the lAB that assigns new IP address ranges to those who request them (and meet other necessary criteria).
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I Am Not A (Phd would be IANAPHD)
Net shorthand for I-Am-Not-A (something). A semi-sarcastic qualifier for non-professional opinions. Ex: "Well, IANA psychiatrist, but I think you're crazy if you don't finish that project."
ImageIO Inprise interface vs abstract class ISDN
Intermodal Association of North America