Definitions for "iCMS"
Integrated Consensual MarCom Systems
Incapacity Case Management System
Integrated Customer Management System An NTELOS billing platform.
iCMS is a PHP/MySQL powered content management system for use with company Intranets. iCMS is a template driven application making it highly customisable and cheap to run for new businesses looking for a method of communication.
ICMS is being written in PHP, from Your version of PHP should be higher than
iCMS is a web based control and monitor application that allows for the remote control and monitoring of systems. It is supports icmp and snmp polling, mibs, recovery, distributed deployment, high performance multithreading, logging in levels
Keywords:  muntins, grille, contoured, sash, dust
ICMs or Internal Contoured Muntins are grilles that are sealed within the insulated glass unit of a windows sash or door panel. This offers the advantage of never having to dust or clean the grille system. ICMs are available in 3/4" and 5/16" wide profiles. See the product option sections for more information.