Definitions for "IDB"
Inter-Amerian Development Bank
See "Inter-dealer broker".
Inter American Development Bank
Involuntarily Denied Boarding. Airline offers cash consolation.
Internal Drainage Board
Industrial Development Bond. A bond secured by the pledge of lease revenue from publicly owned industrial facilities. Also called an Industrial Revenue Bond.
Islamic Development Bank. Established in 1976 to assist in financing development in countries with a substantial Islamic population.
Industrial Development Bond. A bond issued by a municipality to finance fixed assets that are secured by a lease agreement with a corporation whose payments amortize the debt. IDBs used to be tax-exempt to holders. However, under current tax laws, they are no longer tax-exempt. See: Amortization; Fixed Assets; Municipal Bond; Tax Exempt Security
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In-Suit Drink Bag
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Integrated Data Base
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International Data Base