Definitions for "igniter"
It is the carborundum rod which is used to initiate the discharge in an ignitron tube.
A pyrotechnic device specifically designed to initiate burning of a fuel mixture or propellant.
An initiator (usually white phosphorous) used to ignite smoke bombs and the napalm fillers for firebombs.
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An electrical device used to ignite a rocket motor safely
Used to produce flame, hot particles, and gas pressure to ignite a rocket motor. See electric match.
A burner smaller than the main burner, which is ignited by a spark or other independent and stable ignition source and which provides proven ignition energy required to immediately light off the main burner.
A piece of wire that has a heat sensitive material in the center of the wire the is bent in half. When currant passes through the wire, the wire heats up and the composition ignites.
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A small bag of gunpowder sewn on to the end of the BL cartridge.
Keywords:  kindle, fire, fuel, substance, lighting
a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire.
a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires.