Definitions for "Immersive"
The term immersive implies that an individual is experiencing VR either with a head-mounted display or else in some other manner, such as a hemispherium, which restricts their senses and reference to the real world. Non-immersive is generally referred to as fishbowl VR or desktop VR. From a qualitative point of view the different types of VR affect how the individual experiences the VR and how far they are convinced by the experience.
A term applied to visual display systems in which the displayed scene surrounds (or "immerses") the observer. Immersive displays employ domes or wrap-around screens to provide very large fields of view and enhance realism.
A term used to describe a system that is designed to envelop the participant in a virtual world or experience. The amount of immersion the participant feels depends on a number of factors. Visual immersion is the most common goal. This can be done effectively using a large screen or a head-mounted display.