Definitions for "impounding"
Keywords:  wra, weir, inland, diverting, dam
a dam, weir or other work constructed in an inland water whereby water may be impounded and any works for diverting flows in an inland water associated with the construction of a dam, weir or other work. [See section 25(8) WRA 91].
This is the process by which bailiffs obtain legal control over the goods which they have seized. In other words, the process of impounding gives the bailiff the power to return to the premises, remove and sell the goods. Goods could be impounded by immediate removal, by securing on the premises in a suitable place, or by leaving a bailiff in 'close possession' of the goods - i.e. on the premises. However, by far the most common method of impounding is 'walking possession'.
Keywords:  custody, officer, private, law, placing
placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law