Definitions for "Inconsistencies"
'with some inconsistencies' is a phrase used to express the concept that a learner's performance may fluctuate in the context of achieving the learning outcomes described in the indicators; this may be because the learner has not fully attained the required knowledge. It may also be the result of a change: in the activity, the setting, the people he or she works with, or other external and internal factors such as health. It is expected that a learner whom teachers and trainers have assessed as working at a sub-element of a particular milestone will usually, given a familiar environment, be able to achieve the learning outcome described in the relevant indicator. However, when the context, people, building, equipment or environment involved are not within the learner's usual experience, the learner may display an inconsistency in his or her performance. It is therefore the contexts, rather than an arbitrary 'number of times' the learner demonstrates achievement of the learning outcome described in the indicator, that allow for the flexibility of inconsistency in the teacher's or trainer's assessments.