Definitions for "Indigent"
Wanting; void; free; destitute; -- used with of.
(in·di·gent) ADJECTIVE/NOUN: Adjective - Experiencing want or need; impoverished. Noun - A needy or destitute person.
experiencing want or need; impoverished "Lacking or deficient." "A needy or destitute person." (The American Heritage College Dictionary)
Meeting certain standards of poverty, thereby qualifying a criminal defendant for representation by a public defender.
one who is without sufficient income or property to enable them to pay court costs. Such persons may apply to the court to file "in forma pauperis" so that court costs may be waived.
a person who cannot afford his or her own attorney and must have the court appoint one
An offender who has less than a ten dollar balance of disposable income in any of his/her trust fund accounts on the day a request is made to utilize funds and during the 30 days previous to the request. Referenced by 440.080 - Hygiene and Grooming for Offenders 450.100 - Mail for Offenders 590.500 - Legal Access for Offenders 600.025 - Health Care Co-Payment Program
a person who is not financially able to employ counsel
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not having enough money for one?s needs.
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A person with no means of support.