Definitions for "inducement"
A reward for a specific behavior, designed to encourage that behavior. also called incentive.
That which induces; a motive or consideration that leads one to action or induces one to act; as, reward is an inducement to toil.
see incentive.
A term used by shipping lines to indicate that a ship will call at a port if there is enough profitable cargo to make the stop worthwhile.
Placing a port on a vessel's itinerary because the volume of cargo offered at that port justifies the cost of routing the vessel.
When steamship lines publish in their schedules the name of a port and the words "by inducement" in parentheses, this means the vessel will call at the port if there is a sufficient amount of profitable cargo available and booked.
Matter stated by way of explanatory preamble or introduction to the main allegations of a pleading; a leading to.
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The act of inducing, or the state of being induced.
act of bringing about a desired result; "inducement of sleep"