Definitions for "Informal Care"
Informal Care This benefit helps compensate an unpaid person, typically a family member or friend, who regularly provides home health care or personal care to the insured at home. This includes assistance with the Activities of Daily Living. The Calendar Year Maximum Benefit for Informal Care equals 25% of the elected Daily Maximum, multiplied by 30, which is subject to the Home Health Care Daily Benefit Maximum. This benefit is not available in CA.
Care received at home from friends, neighbors or relatives who are not health care professionals. The vast majority of LTC services in the home are provided by informal caregivers.
Non-regulated care, arranged by a child's parent/guardian, either in the child's home or elsewhere. It comprises care by brothers or sisters (including step siblings), care by grandparents, care by other relatives (including a parent living elsewhere), care by other people such as friends, neighbours, nannies or babysitters.