Definitions for "Insect"
Any air-breathing arthropod, as a spider or scorpion.
Any small crustacean. In a wider sense, the word is often loosely applied to various small invertebrates.
Fig.: Any small, trivial, or contemptible person or thing.
Insect is a Perl-based tool for converting GEDCOM genealogical databases into template-driven websites.
InSecT - Invincible Security Technology - an intelligent firewall and intrusion detection system
a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect
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One of the Insecta; esp., one of the Hexapoda. See Insecta.
a higher type of life than a protozoan, because its structure is more complex and it can perform its work with more ease and accuracy
a highly tuned piece of survival machinery
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Of or pertaining to an insect or insects.
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INSURANCE: use to filter out major stories.