Definitions for "Interdiction"
Actions to divert, disrupt or destroy the enemy before he can affect friendly forces.
attack on targets deep inside enemy territory (but not of a strategic nature)
Attack on tactical targets deep inside enemy territory
The act of interdicting; prohibition; prohibiting decree; curse; interdict.
prohibition of all ecclesiastical official acts as a penalty for specific persons or a specific church, or other ecclesiastical institutions.
authoritative prohibition
Keywords:  prohiition, ban, something
a ban or prohiition on something
Keywords:  hamper, stop
to stop or hamper
A court proceeding to declare a person incapable of managing his own affairs because of physical or mental disability. The person interdicted is called an interdict and the person appointed is called a tutor.
A method of receiving TV signals by jamming unauthorized signals but having all other signals received in the clear. Because the jamming is accomplished outside the home it does not require a set-top terminal in the home.
This is a denial of service, as in the case where a digital ID does not match the password, the SSL secure server will not let that user in without proper identification with SSL validation.