Definitions for "Interim order"
A formal, written document stating that it is determined that a registrant is disqualified from CFTC registration under the Commodity Exchange Act. The issuance of an Interim Order suspends the registrant's registration and orders the registrant to show cause why his registration should not be revoked.
An order for an AVO that is temporary. It still tells the man what he is not to do. If he breaks the order after he has been served with it, he still suffers the same penalty as if it were a final order.
an order made by court precluding creditors from taking any action against the Debtor whilst a meeting of creditors is called and held to decide whether the proposals are acceptable to them or not
a regulation that is issued by the Minister in the case of a situation that presents a significant risk, direct or indirect, to human health, public safety, security or the environment