Definitions for "Interiors"
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Not particularly country-sounding, the introspective Interiors was seen by a number of critics and fans as a personal catharsis for Cash; shortly after its release, she broke up with husband and longtime producer Rodney Crowell. In a first, Cash produced the album herself, and all of the songs are either written or co-written by Cash. However, the album did not do very well, reaching only #23 on the Billboard charts.
Interiors is the fourth release and second full-length album from Bloomington, Indiana-based instrumental rock group, Ativin. This album strayed from Ativin's typical instrument line-up of guitar, baritone guitar and drums by adding strings on certain tracks, sometimes very prominently.
Interiors is a compilation album released on CD format through the label Invisible. This compilation features many exclusive songs, including the only song by the Drew Mc Dowall project Screwtape.
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Interiors is a 1978 film written and directed by Woody Allen. It was his most serious film to date. Featured performers are Kristin Griffith, Mary Beth Hurt, Richard Jordan, Diane Keaton, E.G.
Finished internal aircraft components, such as overhead stowage compartments, lavatories, sidewalls, floor panels and ceilings.
FURNISHINGS Internment Camps: see Architecture, Military; Prisons and Jails
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The design of the inside of a house.