Definitions for "Interventions"
efforts to modify or decrease the negative impacts of illness.
Encyclopedia of special education; 2nd ed All planned attempts to promote the welfare of exceptional individuals. There are 3 types: preventive (efforts to thwart the appearance of disabilities); remedial (the process of overcoming a deficit); compensatory (providing a means to circumvent, substitute or offset and irremediable deficit).
Strategies to support student success.
Assistance provided a student to improve mastery of skills and concepts such as tutoring, mentors, Saturday Academies, Extended Day programs, etc.
Types of traditional or non-traditional treatments that may be effective in reducing autistic behaviors. Go Back to Start Page
Primary interventions being studied: types of interventions are Drug, Gene Transfer, Vaccine, Behavior, Device, or Procedure.
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Join t action with communities and partners to solve problems.
Things that a treating person does to help the person requiring treatment.