Definitions for "Intoxication"
A poisoning, as by a alcoholic or a narcotic substance.
The state of being intoxicated or drunk; inebriation; ebriety; drunkenness; the act of intoxicating or making drunk.
to make drunk with alcohol, drugs or other substances. When using intoxication to describe an effect of a substance on the body (the pathology of a substance) intoxication also means poison or to poison someone.
A high excitement of mind; an elation which rises to enthusiasm, frenzy, or madness.
excitement and elation beyond the bounds of sobriety; "the intoxication of wealth and power"
to ingest a substance that excites the body to the point that physical and mental control is diminished
The effects of a drug on a single occasion of use when taken in a sufficiently large quantity to alter one's state of consciousness. Also referred to as acute drug effects. Intoxication can range from mild to severe (NCETA, 2002).
Being under the influence of, and responding to, the acute effects of a psychoactive drug. Intoxication typically includes feelings of pleasure, altered emotional responsiveness, altered perception, and impaired judgment and performance.
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a rare cause of hypercalcemia
A criminal defense that generally requires that the intoxication be involuntary.