Definitions for "Isomorphic"
Two graphs are isomorphic if they are they same graphs, drawn differently. Two graphs are isomorphic if you can label both graphs with the same labels so that every vertex has exactly the same neighbors in both graphs. Here are two isomporphic graphs
Similarity of form, as in different generations of the same life cycle; a one-to-one correspondence between the elements of two or more sets; being of identical or similar form, shape or structure; having a structure related in a uniform way to the structure of another system.
Two fields are called isomophic if they share the same structure.
Alike in form; exhibiting isomorphism.
(eye´ so more´ fik) [Gr. isos: equal + morphe: form] • having the same form or appearance, as two isomorphic life stages. (Contrast with heteromorphic.)
something having the same form as another.
Keywords:  pertaining, related, sets
Of or pertaining to sets related by an isomorphism.
having similar appearance but genetically different