Definitions for "Ithaca"
A Greek island, home of Odysseus.
a Greek island west of Greece; in Homeric legend Odysseus was its king
Ithaca or Ithaka (in Greek, Ιθάκη, Ithaki; see also List of traditional Greek place names) is an island in the Ionian Sea, in Greece with an area of 96 km² (37 sq. miles) and five thousand inhabitants. It is an independent municipality of the prefecture of Kefalonia, and lies off the North East coast of Kefalonia. The municipality of Ithaca includes some smaller islands as well.
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Ithaca is a fictional no-ship from the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. It is a giant spacecraft designed by the Ixians and created in The Scattering for the Honored Matres to serve as a great city in space, a type of space habitat. Miles Teg stole the ship in Gammu, and a decade later the Miles Teg clone-ghola, Duncan Idaho, Sheeana, and Garimi stole it from Murbella, bringing along 150 refugees including the last Tleilaxu Master Scytale, some Bene Gesserit Suk Doctors, male workers from Chapterhouse, the "wild" Reverend Mother Rebecca, the Rabbi, the rest of the surviving members of a cell of Secret Israel, four Futars, and seven small sandworms taken from Chapterhouse.
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a college town in central New York on Lake Cayuga