Definitions for "J-1"
Keywords:  visa, nyu, iap, visitor, tied
Exchange visitor (IAP-66 is the certificate of eligibility for J-1 status; may work only as specified on Form IAP-66)
Visa for doctors and researcher- usually tied to some sort of research grant or exchange program.
There are many J-1 "categories," one of which is student. Fewer than 10% of the international students at NYU are in J-1 status, which is reserved for individuals who participate in an academic exchange between NYU and a university abroad or who are funded by an international organization, the U.S. or a foreign government, or a private agency in support of international education. Some J-1 students are subject to a two-year home return requirement following completion of the academic program as a condition of the funding they received or based on the skills that are in demand in the home country.
A report filled out during the ingate and outgate process. The J-1 details damage to the unit, container information, shipping information, drayman involved and time of ingate/outgate.
the line on an eye chart that determines whether or not the patient needs glasses or contact lenses for reading.