Definitions for "jelly"
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Anything brought to a gelatinous condition; a viscous, translucent substance in a condition between liquid and solid; a stiffened solution of gelatin, gum, or the like.
The juice of fruits or meats boiled with sugar to an elastic consistence; as, currant jelly; calf's-foot jelly.
A common term for gelatinous invertebrates that float freely in the ocean. Jellies comprise a vast number of species found predominantly in four phyla: Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Mollusca, and Chordata (subphylum Urochordata).
A type of soft rubbery material, often transparent or translucent
A type of opal with indistinct, fuzzy colours.
Transparent opal with "jelly" appearance, colors generally hazy.
capa gelatinosa or gelatina] the polysaccharide layer with associated proteins the protects the outside of an unfertilized egg from mechanical damage and too many sperm entering at once. The protein associated with the jelly is responsible for initiating the acrosome reaction in sperm of the same species.
The serialization layer for Twisted Spread, although it can be used seperately from Twisted Spread as well. It is similar in purpose to Python's standard pickle module, but is more network-friendly, and depends on a separate marshaller ( Banana, in most cases). See twisted.spread.jelly.
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the meat in a young coconut.
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more information - recipes
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See petroleum jelly
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To become jelly; to come to the state or consistency of jelly.
a substance having the consistency of semi-solid foods
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(N) anything free, on the house.
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make into jelly; "jellify a liquid"