Definitions for "Jenkins"
a rear admiral in the United States Navy, and during the war was appointed chief of staff, by Admiral Farragut
Crew member of the Canary II. Stranded in space during an EVA, rescued by the Legacy, whereupon he got into a fight with Serron on the Legacy bridge, causing the blaster scorch mark on the bridge rear wall.
Jenkins is a lunar crater that lies along the equator of the Moon, near the eastern limb. It is attached to the eastern rim of the slightly larger 'Schubert X' crater, intruding somewhat into the interior. The crater Nobili is likewise attached to the western rim of 'Schubert X' and intrudes slightly into the interior on that side.
A name of contempt for a flatterer of persons high in social or official life; as, the Jenkins employed by a newspaper.