Definitions for "Jiggering"
The technique used to produce the Chinese whitewares which were imported into Iraq in the early C9th, and imitated by the Abbasid potters: i) throw a vessel of approximately hemispherical proportions; ii) invert it over a convex mould (throwing approximate shape first gives a better fit than a flat pancake of clay on would on a mould); iii) trim back the clay on the exterior to produce a thin-walled vessel; iv) cut the base at a 30° angle; v) incise a raised footring; vi) remove the finished vessel from the mould (this is eassier using a parting agent such as slip).
A common method of forming ceramic dinnerware. In this process a spinning mold and/or template are used to form a clay slug.
An industrial method of producing pottery. Forming a pot by using a spinning mold, which gives the inside shape. Used in making plates. The outside of the plate is formed by a metal profile which is fastened to a pivoted arm.