Definitions for "JOC"
JET Operation Contract. the contract concluded between the Community and UKAEA for the operation of the JET Facilities within the frame of the EURATOM-UKAEA Contract of Association
A competitively awarded firm fixed price, indefinite quantity contract which consists of a collection of detailed task specifications encompassing most aspects of facilities engineering construction work. For each of the tasks listed in the contract, a unit of measure and a corresponding unit price are included. Offerors are required to propose two coefficients or multipliers (one for normal working hours and one for other than normal working hours). During contract execution the unit price listed in the contract is multiplied by the appropriate coefficient to determine the actual price of that item. Each job order required is broken down into these individual tasks of work, and a total price is developed based upon the government unit price and the contractor's multiplier(s). After agreement, a delivery order is issued for performance of the work. See also O&M Contracts
Justice Oversight Commissioner. Added - 09 Thu March 2006 The Justice Oversight Commissioner is independent of Government and is responsible for monitoring and reporting bi-annually on progress of the Criminal Justice Review.
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Joint Operations Centre
Joint Operations Center