Definitions for "Joystick"
Keywords:  lever, cursor, stick, tilt, ptz
A peripheral device used with personal computers to translate physical movement in two axis into electrical signals used by the computer.
A manual device with a moveable control lever that can be tilted in various directions to control computer, wheelchair or other target system.
Multidirectional control lever to balance stereo sound levels. It also applies to a multidirectional control steering lever.
a pretty small keyhole through which to manipulate the entire universe
Joystick (Janice Olivia Yanizeski) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe.
a common way to enhance your flight sim game
a measure of realism for dogfighting and maneuvering in any air/space combat sim
Keywords:  keycap, laser, marked
laser-marked keycap
Keywords:  dazz, biggest, hits, band, single
Joystick is a 1983 hit single by the Dazz Band, one of their biggest hits.
Keywords:  staple, setup, home
a staple of the home PC setup
a good candidate for handheld pointing
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(requires little explanation)
Keywords:  hardware, piece, computer
a piece of computer hardware