Definitions for "Karaoke"
A Japanese word which loosely translates as "empty orchestra," describing the concept of providing a singer with background accompanimnet music (usually including background/harmony vocals). The karaoke industry provides both software (cassettes, compact disc, compact discs with graphics, DVD disc, etc.) and hardware, the main features of which include echo, mic mixing functions, etc. described in this glossary.
Suppresses the vocal part of the sound spectrum for use with Mic Mix.
A music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen. However, at a convention, there is no video screen and dancing can go along with the singing routine.
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Enjoy Karaoke, a Karaoke playing system, based on Microsoft DirectX technology and Multi-Tier architecture, is a fantastic home media center that supports current industry standard video and audio file formats, such as MPEG, AVI, and so on.
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Karaoke was a British television drama written by Dennis Potter with the knowledge that he was dying from cancer of the pancreas.