Definitions for "Kilobyte"
a measure of a computer's memory. One kilobyte of memory will store approximately a thousand characters - about two and a half pages of A4.
1024 bytes, a binary 1,000.
A unit of measure commonly used to specify file sizes, the capacity of data storage devices, etc. In the measurement of file sizes and the capacity of data storage devices, normally: 1 kilobyte= 1,024 bytes Kilobyte is often abbreviated to KB. Compare: megabyte (MB) | gigabyte (GB)
Kilobyte is a supervillain from the BBC programme, Ace Lightning. The Cyber Stalker, created by Rick Hubble (The Master Programmer), Kilobyte is hell-bent on his life goal: To destroy Ace Lightning and conquer the world. Kilobyte has one of the weirdest designs in the range of villains in the show.
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1000 print or non-print characters
Approximately 1,000 printed or non-printed characters.
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What is a kilobyte? - Definition of kilobyte
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Kilo, Represents 1,024 units.
a unit that indicates the size of a file
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