Definitions for "Kiss of death"
When a gamester drops a previous year's selection while preparing the coming year's list, and the dropped selection then dies, the gamester's act of dropping the selection is referred to as "The Kiss of Death."
something that is ruinous; "if this were known it would be the kiss of death for my political career"
Kiss of Death is a 1995 crime/detective thriller which is a remake of the 1947 film of the same name which starred Richard Widmark.
When romancing the girl you are with, take her out for some Mexican food. When you get home, load her up with some tequila and follow her into the bathroom. Once she pukes and shits her brains out, lick her asshole, French-kiss her afterwards, then whack her in the skull with a bat.
a score of minus 200 at matchpoints when the maximum possible contract is at the part-score level.