Definitions for "Kissing"
affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)
Touching lips together, caressing the lips together. There are so many different types of kissing, deep tongue kissing….and kissing is not just limited to the lips, one can kiss the eyes, the testicles, the inner thighs…the list is endless. Kissing can be the greatest foreplay on earth. Did you know that many women complain that after they get together with someone that those deep intimate kisses often stop? Why? And how do you teach someone to be a better kisser? Go to for this info.
1. A kiss from a lover, under happy circumstances, presages happiness and contentment. 2. A kiss from a stranger implies an unexpected gift. 3. An unwanted kiss indicates upcoming overtures from someone the dreamer does not like. The overtures may or may not be romantic in nature.
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Gating with minimum metal left at casting breakoff point, having a gate just "kiss" the surface. See Gate.