Definitions for "Kiwi "
A term used for the New Zealand Dollar (NZD).
The national bird. Also an affectionate nickname for a human New Zealander. Not the fruit.
(Family: Apterygidae) Flightless birds found only in New Zealand (it is their national symbol). Although kiwis are the size of chickens, remarkably their eggs are almost the size of an ostrich's — a world record for their size. Kiwis do not eat kiwifruit, but use their long beak to dig for invertebrates, mainly worms. They supplement this diet with leaves, fruit, and seeds. Their feathers are modified and hair-like. Introduced predators and habitat loss have endangered the kiwi.
Kiwi is an object-oriented framework for developing graphical applications using Python. It has a set of classes that provide a solid application architecture, and a set of high level graphical components that can be used as drop-in replacements for some of the widgets in PyGTK, including CList, CTree, Label, OptionMenu, and more.
Potent source of vitamin C to support healthy immune function.
Vitamin C, vitamin C, vitamin C — kiwis are loaded in this antioxidant, which also makes oranges a super food. Kiwis rival bananas in potassium, pound for pound. And flavonoid antioxidants abound in the skin, which is edible but best if you rub the fuzzy stuff off first.
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A fresh, egg-sized berry with a brown, furry skin and green flesh. Its flavor resembles berries and melons.
A navigation tree for KEWA with hyperlinks directly to answers in KEWA for the most common issues, in order to save time on help desk analysts' calls.
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stimulating and nourishing
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more information - recipes
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Kiwi is a package that protects you from spam by having your email change every time you make your email visible in a public place.