Definitions for "Laker"
Keywords:  cargo, america, ship, lakeside, seaway
A vessel designed for trading between the lakeside ports on the great lakes of North America.
a type of ship designed for carrying cargo on the Great Lakes
a ship capable of transiting the St. Lawrence Seaway locks to trade in the Great Lakes between USA and Canada; the maximum beam and draught allowed in the lock is approximately 23.15 m and 26 feet fresh water respectively - this is equivalent to ship with a deadweight of about 20,000 tons
a kit only and it's probably a bit more trainerlike than the others (flat-bottom airfoil) If you can get a set of plans and scratch-build a Sea Cruiser, you'll have a ball with it
Keywords:  steamer, boat, inland, canal, specially
A lake steamer or canal boat.
A boat specially designed to operate in inland waters.
A lake trout. Not to be confused with a professional basketball team from Los Angeles.
Keywords:  toil, habitation, connected, one
One that is connected with a lake or lakes, as in habitation, toil, etc.:
Keywords:  namaycush, esp, fish, taken, living
A fish living in, or taken from, a lake, esp. the namaycush.
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One of the poets of the Lake school. See Lake poets, under Lake, n.