Definitions for "landscaping"
Keywords:  shrubs, fences, grass, trees, shrubbery
The design and planting of trees, or other plants on a lot.
The design of outdoor space to serve the needs of people by planting, altering the contours of the ground and/or components like walkways, paths and patios..
The change and enhancement of a site by:- soft landscaping consisting of vegetation such as trees, shrubs, hedges, grass and ground cover;- hard landscaping consisting of non-vegetation material such as brick, stone, concrete, tile and wood, excluding monolithic concrete and asphalt; and/or- architectural elements consisting of wing walls, sculptures and the like.
Keywords:  gardner, working
Working as a landscape gardner.
Keywords:  esthetic, spent, garden, laid, deal
a garden laid out for esthetic effect; "they spent a great deal of money on the landscaping"
an insured fully service landscape company providing a range of services including landscape construction - landscape