Definitions for "Lata"
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Local access transport area. A geographic service area defined at the time of the breakup of Ma Bell. The geographically defined local access and transport areas in which LECs are authorized to provide local exchange services.
Local Access Transport Area. A defined region in which a telephone and long distance carrier operates. Important concept for those CHINs that depend upon phone lines. When creating communications networks, you try to avoid crossing boundaries of these, if possible, since costs escalate dramatically when there is a need to communicate over more than one LATA. Local Codes - A generic term for code values that are defined for a State or other local division or for a specific payer. Commonly used to describe HCPCS Level III Codes.
(Local Access and Transfer Area) - In the United States, a geographic area covered by one or more local telephone companies.
A convulsive tic or hysteric neurosis prevalent among Malays, similar to or identical with miryachit and jumping disease, the person affected performing various involuntary actions and making rapid inarticulate ejaculations in imitation of the actions and words of another person.
waterfall or rapids.
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A country comprising Kandesh and part of Guzerat about the Mhye river. It is also called Lar by Ptolemy
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Latin latus = side.
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a big soda-cracker tin with mics inside of it that he moves and hits in certain ways to create sound
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indian name meaning "a creeping plant" in sanskrit.
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an acronym for
(v) to be right, to be proper. In the construction lata ke X (it is right/proper that X), can be translated as 'should'.