Definitions for "Latent Failure"
Damaging electrical overstress (transients) can cause upset or go undetected yet degrade electronic equipment. A known phenomena where equipment that has been exposed to electrical overstress typically fails within 6 months. Generally components within damaged equipment continue to fail at an unpredictable rate.
A device failure which does not occur immediately at the time of overstress. Latent defects are very difficult to measure and are thought to shorten the life of the part. Finding latent defects in parts or assemblies is part of the reason that product burn-in is conducted. See Failure Mechanism. Go back to the MENU Go to END
An error which is precipitated by a consequence of management and organizational processes and poses the greatest danger to complex systems. Latent failures cannot be foreseen but, if detected, they can be corrected before they contribute to mishaps.