Definitions for "Latigo"
Keywords:  saddle, cinch, tie, cincha, tug
A strap for tightening a saddle girth.
The leather strap attached to the saddle that holds the cinch tightly. On other types of saddles, these are called billet straps. The latigo is attached to the right side (or "off side") of the saddle, where it is called the "off billet" or "tug." It is then tightened on the left side (the side from which a rider mounts).
Cinch strap on a Western saddle.
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Latigo is a comic strip written and drawn by Stan Lynde, who also created the Rick O'Shay comic strip. The daily strip began 25 June 1979. The Sunday strip, complete in half page format, began 1 July 1979.