Definitions for "Launder"
Keywords:  illegal, wash, flatiron, mangle, towels
To wash, as clothes; to wash, and to smooth with a flatiron or mangle; to wash and iron; as, to launder shirts.
To move illegally acquired cash through financial systems so that it appears to be legally acquired.
To ‘clean up' ‘dirty money' earned through illegal means by easing it into the normal monetary systems so that all traces of its origins are removed, or ‘washed out'. The Criminal Justice Act 1993 contains legislation dealing with money laundering and insider dealing.
A trough used by miners to receive the powdered ore from the box where it is beaten, or for carrying water to the stamps, or other apparatus, for comminuting, or sorting, the ore.
A chute or trough for conveying pulp, water or powdered ore in a mill.
Wooden trough for conveying water.
Keywords:  washerwoman
A washerwoman.
Keywords:  lave, wet
To lave; to wet.