Definitions for "Layover"
Keywords:  overnight, flight, spent, crew, stay
A temporary cessation of a flight that will resume flight later.
An overnight stay for a flight crew member in a city other than the home base city.
a brief stay in the course of a journey; "they made a stopover to visit their friends"
Time and place for changing planes, trains or other transportation specifics.
Displacement of the top of an elevated feature with respect to its base on the radar image. The peaks look like dip-slopes.
Foreshortening effect in which the top of an object (such as a mountain, tower or building) is closer to the radar/sensor than altitudinally (z) lower points which are closer in the horizontal (x,y) plane. The image appears to fall towards the sensor.
Informal term for a period of delay required by rule. For example, when a bill or other measure is reported from committee, it may be considered on the floor only after it "lies over" for one legislative day and after the written report has been available for two calendar days. Layover periods may be waived by unanimous consent.
A shelf-stocking technique that displays the top of a product to customers.