Definitions for "Levitation"
The magical suspension of a physical body without apparent support. Usually applied to the suspension of a human being.
(1) The phenomenon of a person or thing rising into the air by apparently supernatural means. (2) Movement upward in virtue of lightness. (3) The act of raising (a body) from the ground by presumably spiritualistic means.
a phenomenon in which a person or object is raised into the air by an unseen force.
Levitation (1990-1994) were an innovative English psychedelic mind-punk outfit, fronted by ex-House of Love guitarist Terry Bickers. Levitation's music and attitude challenged an early Nineties UK alternative music scene dominated by shoegazing and madchester. The band were often credited in the music press as attempting to rehabilitate progressive rock.
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Levitation or table tilting, as it is otherwise known, is were a group of people sit around a table hoping for it to tilt backwards and forwards whilst they recite the alphabet. This way words can be communicated as the table pauses at the required letter. A simple code can be established, to ask questions with two raps for yes and one rap for no.
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Levitation is a 1980 studio album by Hawkwind. It reached #21 on the UK album chart.
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A skill like that of flying, but levitation requires no wings. The levitation ability does not allow soaring or flying, but grants the ability of altitude and levitating per a single area for a character.
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The act or process of making buoyant.
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Lightness; buoyancy; act of making light.