Definitions for "LHC"
Keywords:  collider, tev, cern, proton, anaphe
A 14 TeV proton-proton collider under construction at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland.
(LHC++) LHC++ is now called Anaphe, see there. Reference Link (
Accelerator colliding protons at energies of 7 TeV each, to be installed in the tunnel previously holding LEP.
Left Hand Column
Left hand Circular
Left-hand polarised wave. An elliptically- or circularly-polarised wave, in which the electric field vector, observed in any fixed plane normal to the direction of propagation, whilst looking in the direction of propagation, rotates with time in a left-hand or anticlockwise direction.
Local Health Council
Local Housing Corporation. A new corporation, created by the legislation and controlled by the Service Manager as sole shareholder, to take over the ownership and other responsibilities of Local Housing Authorities (LHAs).