Definitions for "LIB"
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Libby Dam Kootenai Basin 1986-2005 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Division
Libby Forebay Kootenai 1975-present U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
LIB is yet another roguelike. The main goals are: a large world, few limitations imposed on the player, a sensible dose of realism, an ergonomic interface, locale support and above all fun, relaxing gameplay.
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This is a generic sort of extension indicating "library" data; of particular note though is that native Amiga font files often use this extension.
A Common Object File Format (COFF) file generated by the Microsoft 32-bit library manager tool, LIB, for standard and import libraries. The default filename extension for these files is .LIB. See also dynamic-link library file, static-link library.
Library (file name extension)
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To castrate.
Library Building, 350 Victoria Street
the abbreviation for the Billington Library building on campus. Library
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Library C and Fortran compilers
Laboratory Information Bulletin. An internal publication of FDA, for the dissemination of information concerning analytical methodology among FDA laboratories.
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Life Insurance Broking
The /lib directory contains public libraries, daemons, and architecture-dependent databases.
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Slang for Liberty Head. (i.e. a twenty Lib, a Ten Lib, etc.)
Term for Liberty Head. (i.e. a $10 Lib, a $20 Lib).
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label information base