Definitions for "Lifters"
Keywords:  tappets, slack, cam, hydraulic, lobes
Also called "followers" or "tappets," they are the components that ride on the cam lobes and help "lift" the valves open. There are two basic types: solid and hydraulic. Hydraulic lifters are hollow and fill up with oil to take up slack in the upper valve
Keywords:  hoists, crane, lodged, clamp, forks
Attachments for the header of a combine which assist in combining a lodged crop by easing it off the ground.
Grabs that are designed to attach, hold, control and direct a load, commonly used with hoists.
Operate under the crane hook and are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations. Included are c-hooks, crane forks, coil lifters, beams and sheet lifters. Lifting clamp Lifting device attached to a crane. The basic operation is the tensioning of grips placed in or around the cargo to be lifted.
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See Rocker Arms. Slang for Rocker Arms (... or are Rocker Arms slang for Lifters??)
Lines holding a yard. (See rigging illustration.)