Definitions for "Lifts"
Keywords:  plexiglas, skiers, trays, tech, ribbon
Cable operated vehicles used to transport skiers from the base area to the top. Usually found in the form of chairs holding two, three or four passengers. Some are high tech with Plexiglas screens and foot rests.
Pieces of ribbon, cloth, tape, or paper attached to trays for convenience in removing from base.
A term describing deposits of dredged material in containment facilities. Each lift generally is allowed to dewater before another lift is deposited.
Keywords:  skating, athletic, overhead, dance, ice
A group of moves used in pair skating and in dance in which the man lifts his partner off of the ice. The lifts in pairs are athletic and usually overhead, while the lifts in dance must be done within limitations and are smaller and more controlled.
Keywords:  unbanded, ease, pipe, segments, banded
Term associated with separated segments of pipe (banded or unbanded for ease of handling).