Definitions for "Lineup"
A group of persons including a suspect in a police investigation, arranged so as to be observed by a witness, who is requested to identify the perpetrator, if he/she is present in the group. Such an identification may be used as evidence of guilt of the suspect. Also called a police lineup.
police procedure in which a suspect is placed in a line with a group of other people while the eyewitness to the crime is asked to identify the person she saw at the crime scene.
a line of persons arranged by police for inspection or identification
the list of all the elements –copy, voice-overs, reports, promos, stings, billboards, commercials—in the news program, from start to finish in order of appearance. A completed lineup includes tape numbers, running times and other information the control room needs to get the show to air properly. It is often the archival record of the show as well. Most newsrooms now use specialized software to produce their lineups (AVIDstar, i-news, ENPS, etc). Lineup software backtimes the show, adjusts the show script and timing for every new element or change, and builds templates for recurring elements and user preferences. However, it cannot compose an elegant sentence, and you can. Hah.
The accuracy with which elements of a compulsory figure are aligned with each other in accordance with the requirements for the figure.
any arrangement of persons (rarely, of things), esp. when having a common purpose or sentiment; as, the line-up at a ticket-office window; the line-up of political factions.
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a list of batters in the order in which they will bat.
A list of component versions. A lineup may be associated with a package, a SMU, or a project.
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identity parade
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See starters
a collection of channels that are on the same video source (the tuner, the composite input)
The menu of channels offered by a broadcaster or a subscription video service.
The formation of football players before the start or a restart of play.
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The members of a team who are scheduled to play a game.
a collection of Titles that are grouped together in a particular order in a Player