Definitions for "Linked List"
a chain of nodes (or elements)
a chain of structs
a collection of dynamically allocated records (nodes), each of which contains a data item, and a reference which links it to the next node
a table with a successor or predecessor field
an ordered collection where the position of the objects matters
A data collection where each item in the collection points to its neighbours using access values.
Keywords:  degenerate, tree
a degenerate tree
an implementation of this abstraction
a fairly simple way to allocate memory as needed, but we must be careful to use this method efficiently
Keywords:  array, dynamically, sized
a dynamically sized array
a useful method of data storage that can easily be implemented in C
a complex data structure, especially useful in systems or applications programming
a structure with a member which points to another structure
Keywords:  class, objects, container, types
a container class for objects of all types