Definitions for "Locking"
Keyed cylinder operated device mounted in center of extruded bottom bar throws locking bars into guides to prevent lifting of curtain. ADA lock height location available. Simple slide bolts with hasp are available on some models.
Both knobs locked or unlocked by outside key or thumbturn inside.
Locking (originally Campbellocking) is a style of funk dance and street dance, which is today also associated with hip hop. It relies on fast and distinct arm and hand movements combined with more relaxed hips and legs. The movements are generally large and exaggerated, and often very rhythmic and tightly synched with the music.
The process by which a DBMS restricts access to a row in a multiuser environment. The DBMS usually sets a bit on a row or the physical page containing a row that indicates the row or page is locked.
(n.) In a relational database, the guarantee of read consistency by giving access to data only one process at a time; other processes must wait for access to the database.
The mechanism used by the database manager to ensure the integrity of data. Locking prevents concurrent users from accessing inconsistent data.
carabiner carabiner with a locking gate, to prevent accidental release of the rope.
Management of a resource by assigning it to one application at a time and explicitly refusing access to any other application that attempts to use it.
In products installed by the setld utility, locking inserts a subset name in the lock file of another subset. Any attempt to remove the latter subset warns the user of the dependency. The user can choose whether to remove the subset in spite of the dependency.
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A method used to coordinate the content of objects in the database (records, disk blocks, etc.) when they are subject to updates in order to ensure that the entire transaction that may involve multiple objects completes correctly.
Once the breech block lock is closed, the rifle will be ready to fire again.
the blocking of a smart card after which it can not be used.
Lock placement applies a constraint to all placed components in your design. This option specifies that placed components cannot be unplaced, moved, or deleted.
the act of locking something up to protect it
Protecting your entries or your whole travelog. See travelog locking, entry locking, and key.
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A move that helps to hold the model in shape, often the insertion of a flap into a pocket.