Definitions for "LONWORKS"
Local Operating Networks is another fieldbus, used by about 2,000 companies. The chips are made by Toshiba and Motorola for the German Echelon. They are then sold onto to various manufacturers.
Developed by Echelon, the LonWorks system is a leading, open, networked automation and control solution for the building, industrial, transportation, and home markets.
This home and building control standard was initiated by Echelon Corp. in the late 1980s. Like CEBus, the standard includes communication protocols that can be delivered over multiple media. The LONWORKS system includes all the components necessary to implement open interoperable control systems that can be easily and seamlessly integrated within a home - and beyond. This LONWORKS system includes all the necessary hardware and software components for implementing complete end-to-end control systems. LONWORKS was approved as EIA-709 in 1998. Echelon has partnered with such Internet giants as Cisco Systems Inc. to initiate IP-based home control solutions.