Definitions for "LOST TIME"
A period of total wage loss and loss of earning capacity, beyond the statutory waiting period, caused by the claimant's work-connected disability.  In workers' compensation cases only, if the disability period exceeds 14 days, compensation will be paid from the first day of disability.  There is no waiting period for volunteer ambulance worker or volunteer firefighter cases.
A measure used by departments to measure excessive absenteeism. It is derived by adding an employee's sick time, workers' compensation, and any other unpaid absences. Mandate (Mandated Services) – A legal requirement, usually imposed by State or Federal law. This term is used to refer to City services, which are provided to comply with State or Federal laws.
Personal time taken while working
Time planned for production operations that did not occur due to unscheduled problems such as machine downtime, material or personnel availability, or other situations.
time spent by members, away from their regular job, on union business.